Remedy for Writer’s Block

What do most of us have in common? That terrible beast called writer’s block. But beast is in the eye… Sometimes we simply have to take a break because real life catches up with us and we simply need to rest.

What I have long and affectionately called writer’s block is what others might refer to as a case of “creative block.” According to some of the research I’ve read, creative block is a biological inhibition of the brain to get ideas out of your had and onto paper. Although I’ve collaborated with Tori Spencer, a U.S. National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program Awardee, on our Top 5 tips on breaking the block, if we ever decide to write a Part 2, we’ll take a slightly different approach.

So yes, we may delve deeper into the studies behind rote activities and what the brain is doing (e.g., dopamine, endorphins, etc.), but we’ll include additional ways to help you stimulate creativity.

For now I’m headed to the coffee pot hoping my neurons will start to fire. Soon. Maybe.

Happy writing!

Here’s the article:


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