still believe

So many things spinning in my head this morning… I take comfort in this piece from my past:

My son is at an age where he still believes that I can do most anything.  I’m at an age where I still believe that I can (although my body begs to differ).  My son showed me a new self-taught flip he’s perfected.  It’s a combination cartwheel with a swirl.  Not a twist.  My son believes that it’s his best ever.  It’s probably not one you’d ever see during gymnastics week on TV but, it gets a 10 any day in my book.

My son believes that I can still tumble.  I remember being able to impress him with my one-dimensional flips a few years ago, and I remember doing my own swirls back when gravity liked me.  So still believing, I did one of my flips at my son’s request.  It was not quite a no-hand, but hey, my fan-club of one liked it!  I figured that I would have better luck doing a headstand with my back and feet against the wall.

When I wrote this sometime ago, I learned:

  • gravity is not always my friend
  • headaches come in two forms, inside and out
  • i’d try that headstand again because my son and i both believed.

Today, 10 pounds heavier:  I still believe…


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