can’t figure out the title

my choices:  “stressbuster:  emptying a full plate” – or – “new term for taking a hiatus

here’s where i got lost along the way:  the full plate thing?  It’s nearly 3am this morning and I just got finished eating.  i won’t say what…, but the food pyramid is out, the USDA’s MyPlate is in!  I’m not sure if connecting the dots between my eating a certain vegetable and a certain part of a certain food group this early makes it clear, but then i thought of the hiatus thing.

since a few great people i know (including my children, Ms. S.R. and Ms. C.) keep asking me when am i going back to my long-term writing post, i realized that i can’t stay on hiatus forever, and what they really keep asking is when am i going back to something that gives me a great source of peace…

i think they either know me a little too well or i keep talking about the great return…

the point:  i had a full plate.  my plate was running over and spilling onto the floor.  i had to scape off a few things so that i could hold onto my plate (and sanity) without slipping on the stuff that had spilled onto the floor.

i guess the other point is:  we have to know when we’re on the verge of a major meltdown or breakdown and if we cant figure it out, that’s where we have to trust those great people in our lives to put us back in order.

i guess the point of all the points is:  i just realized that now i need a hiatus from my hiatus…  for every one thing i scraped off my plate, i’ve piled on more stuff.

i’m typing this, but soon after:  i’m planning to pile on more of that certain vegetable with an extra side of that certain part of a certain food group.


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