Switching platforms, but slightly…

dreamstimefree_117328 David Coleman

I’m happy to share that I’m still committed to writing healthy living material appropriate for all but with a Missouri twist, but instead of meeting stringent weekly news submission deadlines I will be merging the best of my two online worlds through the missouriadvocate.com website.

(My disclaimer:  Thank you in advance for your patience as my team and I make website and formatting updates.)

What does this mean?  It simply means I will be posting more healthy living news, health-based solutions (“cookies”) and content in formats commonly seen on LinkedIn and some journalistic platforms (using the AP downstyle). By returning to a more relaxed WordPress environment, I’ll be able to provide links to resources (e.g., suicide prevention, domestic violence/sexual assault hotlines, etc.) at all times on a Resource Page.

So… thanks to all of the wonderful people who allowed me to share their wisdom and passions through interviews like Dr. Janet E. Taylor (a bipolar journey) and Philip J. Crowley and Kenneth C. Wylie, authors of “Possessed:  A Novel Inspired by True Events.”

Thanks also to the readers, those who have shared and supported me during my journey as the original St. Louis Healthy Living Examiner.  I’ll still be around on the Examiner.com but I will be less torn between my many worlds.  If I’m lucky, I may even be able to sleep.

I look forward to sharing more of the things many of us care about and reaching new connections through my transition to the missouriadvocate.com.

Kindly and see you soon, CJ


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