Sudden cardiac arrest: Not so sudden after all

Sick Woman With Heart Attach © 9nongphoto

In the news:  According to an article released by CBS News, sudden cardiac arrest may not be so sudden after all.  It’s normal to experience warning signs prior to an actual cardiac arrest – but occasionally those signs are overlooked or dismissed.

The good news is that sudden cardiac arrest, not to be confused with a heart attack, may be prevented.

  • For a definition of sudden cardiac arrest, click here (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute).
  • For insights on signs (e.g., chest pain, shortness of breath, etc.) and a video of the race factor, click here (U.S. News).
  • If someone is facing a heart-related emergency, call 911.
  • Going forward:  The American Heart Association (AHA) and other experts suggest enrolling in classes or learning life-saving techniques such as “Hands-Only CPR” – just in case…  Follow the link to view AHA videos of the technique in English and Spanish.

If you’re experiencing chest pain, difficulty breathing, etc., don’t ignore it.  Seek medical attention.

Since my knowledge of the heart is very specific and limited (PAPVR), and my spin is healthy-living based (e.g., sodium vs. salt, etc.), read my disclaimer at the bottom of the resource page.


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