The battle over smoking and vaping continue to heat up

Woman Smoking E-Cigarettes © Goldy83

In the news:  The age-old battle between health advocates and tobacco/nicotine proponents never really stopped; it only seemed to take a pause long enough to allow more science to pile up against the use of them.

Last June I wrote New study reignites flame linking cigarettes and schizophrenia ( That was only a tiny piece of the puzzle.  While that article covered cigarettes, it didn’t include the other related hot topic:  Electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes).

In terms of this battle now that e-cigarettes have taken on a share of the market, things are really starting to heat up.

And so…, the debates and arguments against both cigarettes and e-cigarettes continue…


For research and possible solutions:



Last update 01.04.16


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