Start with inspiration, end up with peace…


Baby Ballerina 2 - © Vanessa Van Rensburg

Today I played catch up on my e-subscriptions and ran across a previous email from DanceMedia. DanceMedia sends me regular bits of inspiration from Dance Magazine. Although I professionally retired my pointe shoes a very long time ago, I still read the magazine and dream…

I ran across an article about Misty Copeland, a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre (ABT). Misty was born in Kansas City but moved to San Pedro, Calif. Misty has performed a countless number of roles with ABT.  Most notably she performed in Firebird, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker.  Misty was Glamour’s 2015 Woman of the Year.

You don’t have to be a fan of ballet to be inspired by people who continue to push beyond certain personal, societal and other barriers.

It’s still early but my piece of inspiration from today, which I’m happy to share, started with Misty and ended with Under Armours’ Rule Yourself 1-2-3-4 campaign!  Enjoy!

  1. Misty Copleland – I Will What I Want (YouTube, 1:00)Wheelchair Rugby Photo by Tom Shaw
  2. Artist Inspires the World to Care About the Wild – National Geographic 2014 Emerging Explorer Asher Jay (YouTube, 2:43)
  3. Paul de Gelder – No Time for Fear (YouTube, 1:41)
  4. Murderball – Wheelchair Rugby Demo (YouTube, 2:35)
  5. I’m With Lizzie -Influencers Against Bullying (YouTube, 1:48)
  6. Under Armour – Rule Yourself (YouTube, 1:05)


What gives you inspiration? What brings you true peace? If peace is something you don’t currently have or can’t seem to find, what pieces from your past are worth revisiting?

© CJ Spencer, 2016



1) Baby Ballerina image by © Vanessa Van Rensburg by Dreamstime.
2) Wheelchair Rugby Photo by Tom Shaw, 2015:  LONDON, ENGLAND – JANUARY 21: BT GB Wheelchair (WC) Rugby Team Captain Mike Kerr/GB WC ambass. Mike Brown of England & Harlequins/ & Vice-Captain Chris Ryan pose during an event to launch the BT, GB WC Rugby & The BT World WC Rugby Challenge partnership.



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