Sexual assaults on college campuses: New study released and more…

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In the news:  Edmonds Community College is one of the latest to report a sexual assault near its campus. According to Q13Fox, four males assaulted a student in a park. Although this occurred in Washington, it’s not the only case involving a student. ABC13 reported a sexual assault against a female student at Rice University in Texas.

Just this week, results from a nine-school pilot, reviewed by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), U.S. Department of Justice, was released. The pilot, the Campus Climate Survey Validation Study Final Technical Report, found that among other data 21 percent of the females who responded (cross-school average) reported being sexually assaulted since entering college.

Just nine schools, what about the rest?  Imagine the number of students who do not report…

If you’re a student, whether you have experienced a sexual assault or not, learn more about Title IX and what that might mean for someone on your campus and within your community.




Sad Woman On The Wall image by © Wrangler.



6 thoughts on “Sexual assaults on college campuses: New study released and more…

  1. When I read a post such as this, I worry about my niece at Uni. Sexual assault is a terrifying thing to go through. I never said anything when I should have. I think so many girls/women are afraid of being only a statistic reducing them to believe they are powerless victims. It is scary to stand up and face the truth of what happened. But beyond that fear is the power in finding healing.

    Thank you for sharing. God bless!

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    1. Hi Lizzy, I really hope your niece is well and I hope you’re able to talk to her… I understand the fear – and hope that we’re able to reach those who need a bit of encouragement and support. My thoughts are with you, cj

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      1. She is well, thank you. Just to clear up… She wasn’t assaulted, but I do worry because she is so far from home. It was I who was and I never shared that with her. I know how some colleges try to convince female students to not report an assault to the proper authorities. As her aunt it is my job to worry. Her mum certainly doesn’t…

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