13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. When I first saw this I was drawn to it. It reminds me of conversations I had sometime ago with a very close friend of mine who was suffering with depression and a few other conditions. He was very honest about how he felt but there was so much more he didn’t (and maybe couldn’t) say. What he did say was enough to terrify me…

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  1. I find it interesting that some think it’s so dark that it must be more than depression; but, for me it is exactly depression. It is the monsters in our heads, our darkest fears, and with depression our minds blow them up even more, until they are very real demons. That IS depression.

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    1. Thanks for sharing this perspective and for reminding me… I love this image and find myself going back to it because it touches me on many different levels. Thanks also for posting it and allowing me to re-blog it.

      Grateful for your feedback, cj

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      1. No problem, it’s a great image, speaks to me as well. I’m glad you liked&reblogged it. Thanks for letting me comment, I try to help people really understand the nightmare of mental illness, and just how dark & scary it can be.

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  2. I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to comment. If I ever miss the mark and start to go into a ‘silo’ (my own little bubble) please feel free to email me (missouriadvocate@gmail.com)… BTW, I love your blog cj


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