Our doors to somewhere…

Fantasy Door In The Forest © Nelieta.jpg


Here are the voices behind Quoteless #4 – If you saw a door leading to nowhere, would you open it? Would you walk around it? Would you build a new one?



For more of what’s in the oven (a compilation of voices from the community), click here.
Fantasy door in the forest image by © Nelieta.

4 thoughts on “Our doors to somewhere…

  1. Awesome yet sort of spooky door pic… Thank you for another “endorsement”! I love the pics you post along with the thought provoking questions. Reminds me of my last therapist. I would ask a question but she would have me look for the answer.

    When I get my act together on this end, I will post about your blog!

    Love & blessings!

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    1. Lizzy, you’ve been ‘here’ for me for quite a while now – I couldn’t stand the thought of your meaningful comments getting lost… Just knowing you take time away from your busy life to visit and say hi is enough for me! 🙂

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