In one word: What do you do in the rain?

Justin Bieber Today Show NYC © Dwong19


“…getting ready for more rain in my part of the world.  I hope we make it through another round of storms.  Looking forward to not just holding my breath.  I wanna do more than just breathe so my one word would be…”  cjstorm




One-word comments will be added to a future recipe and placed in the oven.


Main image- NEW YORK-SEP 10: Singer Justin Bieber performs on NBC’s ‘TODAY Show’ at Rockefeller Plaza on September 10, 2015, in New York City, by © Dwong19.
Image block- 1) LONDON-JAN 27: Singing In The Rain billboard and exterior lights warming the Palace Theatre windows for an evening performance of the hit stage musical version of Singing In The Rain in London, UK on January 27, 2013, by Steve Mann.  —  2) Man dancing in the rain by © Mystock88photo.  —  3) Happy couple sharing an umbrella by © Rocketclips, Inc.  —  4) Girl With Umbrella; click here for the backstory. Btw Lexie’s O.K.!  —  5) SIBIU-MAY 26: Sibiu International Theatre Festival, the biggest performing arts festival in Romania and the third in the world in terms of magnitude and relevance. Day 2, Itinerant performances on Nicolae Balcescu Avenue: the musicians and comedians from Italian Ciaferro Comic Band, playing in the rain, making people feel good in Sibiu, Romania on May 26, 2012, by © Floydsphoto. Registered & Protected  HFSF-9CX9-NCQN-V25G


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