Has this ever happened to you? #1



Today, as I look back over some of the really awful and awkward things I said last year… ok, just the stuff I said last week, I’m still haunted by a conversation I had in a grocery store where I knew what to say but in the heat of the moment, my emotions got the best of me.  I could sum it up to me being tired and trying not to be ‘on’ or in advocate mode but no excuses in 2017, rightHere’s more on that conversation.

Are there things you’ve said, texted or messaged that you wish you could take back?  If so, feel free to share!


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2 thoughts on “Has this ever happened to you? #1

  1. Oh tons. In the long ago, mean things in the heat of helplessness, anger, frustration; spending time attempting to explain, defend, work through something with someone unwilling to listen, hear or work through it in a healthy manner. I’m learning to just drop things or not respond in many cases.

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