walking in patience

…tired of running.

Not too long ago, a weekend party was a lesson in patience:  My little one went to a friend’s birthday celebration, which was held in a local park.  All of the children were having a great time playing on the slides and the swings.  They didn’t seem to mind or notice.

Some of the parents complained, and rightfully so – we were getting eaten alive by the giant mosquitoes (or were they cicadas?).  Plus, we waited two hours for the birthday child to arrive.  The child, the balloons, the hot dogs, the hamburgers, the bottled water, the juice boxes, etc.

Two hours?  Isn’t that some kind of record?  It was scheduled to be a three-hour party!

Several months ago I would have been livid, would have chimed in with my own complaints, and would have left after a good ½ hour.  What changed?  My previous work life was a constant source of e-mail, motion, movement, sound, rounding, and change.  It was wonderful, hectic, and a blessing all rolled into one.  It was quite the journey.

But this weekend – seeing my child run around, hair blowing in the wind, laughing, hanging upside down, kicking up the leaves…, it was well worth it.

I think it was that moment that I realized:  if I can practice patience with customers and total strangers, I certainly can be patient when it comes to those closest to the heart!  Children grow up WAY too fast!

For once in a very long while, I actually got a chance to watch life and not just run through it.


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