Shelter life: Lelo Kaley

Little Girl on The Playground © Lastdays1

Everyone’s on the playground.  Everybody watches out for the trikes zooming by!  Watch your feet; don’t step on anybody’s sidewalk chalk drawings!

The mommies are laughing and telling those stories.  You know – the funny ones where no one has to whisper.  It’s o.k., the kids can hear.  It’s another hair horror story, the time the heel broke on the way to the job interview, and the time they “…left the guts in the turkey…”

They weren’t funny then.  They’re funny now and everybody gets to laugh.  Most of us have been there/done that, or we know someone else who has.

Even “lelo Kaley” seems to be having fun!  We call her “lelo Kaley” because the smaller kids can’t say the word little yet, so we all call her that.  While she never speaks, she blushes and smiles.

She still spends most of her time alone on the slides but we did see her blow bubbles with the other kids.  Just a minute or two…but she laughed!  (It’s been four weeks and it’s the first time I’ve ever heard her laugh.)


Today is a good day!  We barbecued and brought out the picnic tables.  We’re gonna eat too much and complain at the end of the day about how full we are.

The music plays in the background.  A few of us can really sing.

It’s just like old times.

It feels like family.

At some point everyone will remember; but for now we all forget the playground sits silently behind the trees and high wooden fence…

…behind the shelter.


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