is the mike on?

check 1.  check 1.  mike 2.  check 2.

i keep replaying something in my head.  i heard it first from a very smart person named Jen Sayer.  Jen said, ‘it doesn’t matter what u say if nobody’s listening.‘  I heard it again from Doctor Dorothy Edwards, lol.  Jen and Dorothy are so cool!  They’re real doctors, unlike me and my usual circle of dime-store doctor friends; but they both could be my best friends.

They’re Green Dot royalty.

Green Dot is all about stopping the violence before it starts.

my point:  i’m not shakin’ my…;  i’m not using the ‘n’ word…; i’m not throwin up deuces on youtube… and the message everyone should be hearing is not being heard.

if i tell people that there probably is a video-or-two of me singing backup on ‘scrubs’ – the karaoke version, and break dancing (in the year 2011)…would that make a difference?

today i pray that somebody starts to listen.


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