It’s been a while…

Fort Bragg by Laurin RinderIt’s been a long time since I posted (informally)… real life just keeps happening. I’m in a different, but much healthier place now. Before I was jumping through hoops:  Always the mom but also the around-the-clock worker bee, the ex-wife and then the girlfriend/slash/fiance who didn’t make it back to the alter… whew!

I guess I’m back because, like the title – “What…cookies again?” – life has a way of re-hashing itself.  If you took your favorite homemade cookies to last month’s office pot luck, several months later you’ll take them again.  No use reinventing the wheel and wasting a good recipe.

And not just with potlucks… I find myself saying and doing things I thought I’d never say and do. My parents and elders said them and I swore I’d never repeat them.  Well, it turns out I was wrong; I shouldn’t have swore and I lied.  I’ve become ‘them.’

So why exactly have I returned?  I think I’m getting back to who I was; the person I’ve always been:  The girl who sees the good in everything and everybody by day, but the soft-spoken pit bull in the invisible cape who wants to rid the world of domestic violence and sexual assault by nightJust distracted ’cause fortunately, life keeps happening.

My mom always talked about the power of the pen and getting it out of my head and onto paper  – it’s healing.

…and so the healing began and the healing continues!


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