sights, sounds and the people

Albuquerque Skyline
Albuquerque skyline.

Sights, sounds and the people.

I guess I found a new sense of inspiration this past week in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The view from the planes were phenomenal (sights)!  There was the chatter of all the people in the conference rooms (sounds), and the people…  Let’s just say I met a few who I’ll remain connected to for years to come.

I won’t bore you with the details of the conference, but it was related to sexual assault (SA) advocacy.  Although SA was the focus, I’ve also categorized this under domestic violence because approximately 27% of women and 12% men have experienced intimate partner sexual violence, physical violence, or stalking (NISVS).

Outside of the real reason I was there (my job exists only because assault and violence exist), it was a great experience and it wasn’t all work!  I was able to spend a little time in Old Town; just long enough to buy way too many souvenirs from the Covered Wagon!  Some of the other highlights from the trip were my drive down Central Avenue, through downtown, and the amazing restaurants that took the words “portion size” to a whole-‘nother-level.  I don’t think I was able to finish any meal in one sitting.

Inside Saggios.

The 10 pounds I gained?  I’m sure it was thanks to Gardunos (Flautas de Colores), Saggios (alfredo), the Elephant Bar (the petite sirloin and sauteed spinach) and the Flying Star (cappuccino, wet).

I guess… this trip reminded me of why I’m still doing this extremely hard work.  I’m no longer in the trenches (within a 24/7/365 domestic violence shelter), but I’m still on the path… and finding a bit of inspiration along the way helps.


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