hearing voices in the night. i wish they weren’t real

i hear the same voi2teen_looking_up__Kelliemce.  i keep hearing the same voices from the time we ran sorta wild through the halls of high school. now it’s by phone and hundreds of miles away.  hometown friend “D” got hit again.  she’s back in the same on-again off-again relationship.  the one that left her bloody on the parking lot of schnucks north city way back when.  we’ve been down this road so i knew just to listen.  shut up and listen and bite my tongue because D’s smart, and it’s her life not mine.  and i can’t fix it…  so i keep writing for D and the others who keep me going and keep me on my toes.  D, I know you’ll find this post because you always read what i write.  i love you D, and i’m still here.  when you’re ready follow the link because, although i’m never far from you, i’m still more than two hours away. Click here for resources…


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