Long overdue: Introducing the interview series with my friend Micah…

Woman Looking in Purple - Digital Art - © Socrates


My friend Micah loves to tell stories! She’s always the life of the party. Well, she used to be; then she stopped hanging out… and now that she’s no longer with him, she’s back!  I missed hearing her voice and how hard I would laugh at the crazyfunny stories she always seemed to have.

I’ve always thought she should have been a comedian but when she’s not in party mode it’s hard to be around her.

Years ago after I interviewed Dr. Janet E. Taylor who is now with Life Reimagined, Micah asked me to interview her. I didn’t take her seriously because most of the stories she tells are jokes. Though a few months ago, after she started coming back around, she asked me again to interview her. This time she wasn’t laughing.

So, I don’t ever plan to write a book about Micah, but I could certainly agree to share pieces of her incredible journey…  This is only part one of Micah’s story, a five-part series.



WARNING:  This article may have a triggering or traumatic effect on those who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence and/or sexual assault.  If you’d prefer to skip this journey and look for resources, click here.
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CJ: Micah, you really should be writing your own story.

MC: Yeah, but I’m not a writer. And I wouldn’t know what to say so interview me.  Go ahead, ask me something!

CJ: O.k…., so… why are we here?

MC: I guess cause… that’s not a real question. Ask me something for real!

CJ: (My throat tightens. When I play it back on the recorder I can almost here my voice shatter into pieces because I know what happened…) So, Micah what happened to your eye?

MC: (Silence… she looks out the window.)

We both take a long, deep breath; bracing for the sound to recover.

MC: He found a phone number in my car… I asked him, what number? I don’t have any numbers! He started yelling at me, “You don’t see this number? This number! Look at it! Look at it! You don’t see THIS number?” After he tried to shove the paper in my eye, he said I bet you see it now…


Dear reader…dear friends:  It’s never my intent to take us to a dark place that we can’t come out of; safety is the key.  For resources, click here.
  © CJ Spencer, 2016

 “Eye” digital art by © Socrates.

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