Quoteless #2: What’s on your bucket list?

Bucket List © Jamie Wilson.jpg


Personal or professional…?


To see what’s in the oven (a compilation of voices from the community), click here.

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~ by missouriadvocate on February 26, 2016.

14 Responses to “Quoteless #2: What’s on your bucket list?”

  1. This is a great question! But I will need to think about it as it could be a long one. When I finish it I will post it. Thank you for the challenge!

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    • You’re welcome and thanks for your willingness to share! cj

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      • Not in any particular order, but…

        1 – Renew my relationship with God.

        2 – Cruise as much of the remaining original Route 66 as possible with my brother.

        3 – Take an Alaskan cruise to see the whales.

        4 – See the area in North Dakota where my Grampa had his ranch almost 100 years ago.

        5 – Go to Ireland. I will need to be completely knocked out to do this as I am deathly afraid of flying!!!

        6 – Learn to play the piano.

        7 – Learn to play the drums!

        8 – Stop living out of laundry baskets!!!

        9 – Make my dream quilt.

        10 – Finish my book. No need to have it published. I just want to say I wrote it.

        Okay, I will stop at ten. Thank you and goodnight!

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    • I love it! I have a piano, can read the sheet music but still can’t play! That’s also on my list!

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  2. I’m going to say professional..and just because 🙂

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  3. My wellness centers, more travel, more spa treatments, eventually having my own home , in community, with renewed family connections, supportive friends and true love….and a rejuvenated body….and other projects to help others :)….oh…and more music making and dancing….and swimming and hiking and……

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  4. Personal = write, publish a novel.

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  5. […] related, but not limited, to domestic violence. CJ, the woman who writes this blog, asked, “What’s on your bucket list?” Normally I would not consider making a bucket list. But after pondering the question around in […]

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