When buckets turn to dreams…



When buckets turn to dreams, we do amazing things!  -CJ Spencer


The quotes below belong to blogging artists who responded to What’s on your bucket list… Please take a moment out of your busy day, visit and send them well wishes:



“I’m going to say professional..and just because :)”


Katelon – Walk with me:

“My wellness centers, more travel, more spa treatments, eventually having my own home, in community, with renewed family connections, supportive friends and true love….and a rejuvenated body….and other projects to help others :)….oh…and more music making and dancing….and swimming and hiking and……”

(Also:  empowerandbalance.com)


Lizzy – it’s all about faith!:

Not in any particular order, but…

1 – Renew my relationship with God.

2 – Cruise as much of the remaining original Route 66 as possible with my brother.

3 – Take an Alaskan cruise to see the whales.

4 – See the area in North Dakota where my Grampa had his ranch almost 100 years ago.

5 – Go to Ireland. I will need to be completely knocked out to do this as I am deathly afraid of flying!!!

6 – Learn to play the piano.

7 – Learn to play the drums!

8 – Stop living out of laundry baskets!!!

9 – Make my dream quilt.

10 – Finish


Simply Marquessa:

Personal = write, publish a novel.



Add more music and dance in my life…travel/travel/travel with family and friends…fly a plane (once would be enough)…got a piano, can read the sheet music but still can’t play so I guess it’s time to connect the dots between my brain, my hands and the piano!  At this point I’d love to continue to enjoy life and keep things simple, but if I ever get that $1M…

 Last updated:  March 19, 2016


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Thanks to the original Bucket-List Dreamers!  Best wishes!  cj
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