Quote challenge: Stuck

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I’ve been a little under the weather so this morning I decided to catch up with reading some amazing blogs and I noticed one of my favorites, Spiritualjourney17, passed me this Quote Challenge torch! Spiritualjourney17: Please forgive me for the delay in a response.

This challenge catches me by surprise because it took me to a place I rarely go… but challenge accepted! Here’s my quote:


Sometimes you don’t know you’re about to drown until you realize you can no longer float.


The story behind the quote:  Years ago I lost my Mom. It was September. Every September thereafter life and time stood still. I stopped existing and started floating. Riding the waves of the familiar routines that life allowed. Moments in time danced around me but I couldn’t see them so I couldn’t dance with them. It took more than 20 years for me to realize that each September I was no longer living. I’m not sure how I found my way back to here: Awareness. I crawl now beyond a darkness of grief I never knew existed. I’m now learning to breathe through September.

1) Float was my first thought but my other thoughts were:

2) Stuck: Sometimes you don’t know you’re stuck until you step outside of yourself.

3) Unstuck.


Thanks again, Spiritualjourney17!  And so the challenge continues:

Pick one or three quotes.
Challenge three different bloggers.

I’m passing the torch to my three nominees:


No pressure, just for fun. Best wishes to all!


–and for those not listed above, I’ll be visiting you again soon and either holding onto some of your cookie dough (the space for reblogs) or baking some of your thoughtful comments in the oven!  Thanks for being ‘here’!  cj


Mud Flats And Thames Barrier  image by © Lance Bellers.

8 thoughts on “Quote challenge: Stuck

  1. Thanks for the challenge but I don’t have the energy now to complete this.

    I loved your quote and story. All my life a close family member died in the fall/late summer every six years. After awhile I would have some accident or illness at that time, fitting into the 6 year cycle. All grandparents and birth family member’s deaths have fit into that time frame.

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    1. No worries about the challenge! I understand not having the energy… I just appreciate you commenting and sharing! Sorry to hear about your fall/late summer cycle. I wish you great peace during and beyond that season.

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  2. I call you bet bet and raise you 20. Oops, this ain’t Poker.

    But I do accept and thank you for the challenge! However, due to my ever slowing neural connections; am I supposed to make a quote or say something about the one you posted?

    I am sorry you are not feeling well today. Get some rest and veg on the couch. Nothing wrong with some mindless lack of activity. Works for me.

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    1. I’m wild about card games and Poker but, oh yeah this ain’t… lol

      Thank you for accepting the challenge! I understand the neural connectedness thing. This is my first challenge- I would love it if you shared one of your own. You have such a great ‘voice,’ it would be nice to hear it! 🙂

      I will certainly be taking your advice on getting some rest (maybe this weekend) so if you don’t ‘see’ me out here it’s only because I will be resting or trying to catch as much sunshine as I can.

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    1. From my understanding, the do-hickies are silver barriers (with arms) that control gates that are raised and lowered to control the flow of water whenever there’s a threat of a flood. Here’s one of the best videos I’ve found to describe it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dvg2asACsG0

      If someone else wants to share a better description, feel free to do so!

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