What we’d do with $1M…

Small Girl Eating Cookies © S-dmit.jpg

We’d give and give generously!


A few of us commented (shared) what we’d do if we had $1M. It was in response to a few tragic stories we saw in the news… Click here to read the stories.

Here are our ideas:

cjstorm:  “I’d open a licensed 24-hour child respite care center, free of charge, for any child in crisis (e.g., domestic violence, sexual assault, homelessness, etc.). The center would give parents support, connect them with community partners (resources) and provide them with opportunities (tools) to learn and grow. The question is not can these types of programs succeed but it’s more about sustainability; how could we keep the doors open, provide a meaningful service and pay staff so they can adequately provide for their families? I’ve been a director for programs that were free to parents; I know they work.”

SuperMommyofTwins: “Terrible stories!!! I wish you had a million dollars!”

Katelon: “I’ve been working for 37 years to create an international wellness center/community to work with children, adults, businesses, sustainability and the environment. My other goal is to create a foundation in my Mom’s name, to support bringing children to the arts and the arts to children.”   “…I’ve been an activist all my life, have a degree in early childhood ed and have taught in schools as well as taught creative music and movement, so love children. My healing practice included children, too…”

Soul Gifts (to cjstorm): “Sending you a virtual $million this very second! With the intent it helps to attract the real stuff :)”


The original ask:  If you were given $1M to provide a positive solution, product or service for children and families, what would that be?  (In my everyday life I hear and still see children and families fall into crisis… so positive solutions and comments welcome and appreciated.)


Thanks to everyone above for the comments and well wishes!  I look forward to placing more of your recipes in the oven!
Small girl eating cookies image by © S-dmit.

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