4 thoughts on “If surrounded by darkness…

    1. I love that! Will you please send me the link to that? I’d love to share it on one of the upcoming “https://missouriadvocate.com/category/the-oven/” posts – with your permission and giving you/your site full credit of course 🙂


  1. When I was in high school, I used to drive out into the desert and deliberately get lost so I could find my way back. While later living in No. CA, I had a forest and a meadow at the end of my block. I used to explore it in the daytime and again, get lost so I could find my way back. Then, I taught myself to walk the paths at night, with no moon, only feeling the path underneath my feet.

    I feel this was all training for a very dark period I went through while living in Seattle. My Mom had died, my son had just left my life again for the 2nd or third time and I was adrift and deeply depressed. I’d have dreams of being in a box canyon, unable to see the light. So one day I thought about it and realized that even in a box canyon, you still feel the path underneath your feet and some light comes in somewhere, even if it is just the shadows changing places, or the sky changing slightly, or the warmth of the walls.

    So I feel that my earlier training had informed me so I could make it through such a dark time.

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    1. Thanks for sharing those moments and for adding to the conversation on light. I really like the imagery… and having the reminder that our experiences often give us strength and help us move beyond those dark times in our lives.

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