Top 10 preventatives…

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Top 10 preventatives to avoid losing your temper with a child

I’m always about solutions so rather than dwell on the various tragedies that seem to flood the news, here’s my thought for today:  In these stressful times, it doesn’t hurt to become proactive!

As a parent or caretaker for children, consider these tips to prevent reaching that anger “point of no return” before you say or do something regrettable to a little one:

  1. Visualize:  When angry at a child imagine backing away, taking a deep breath and calling someone safe to talk to.
  2. Actively seek out individuals or resources that may be able to provide on-going support.  Learn as much as you can about community services (e.g., mental health centers, food pantries, energy assistance agencies, etc.) available to those in crisis.
  3. Post (on the refrigerator, etc.) the telephone numbers of several people you can call if you find yourself stressed and/or not able to care for the kids.  If you’re in St. Louis, City or County, try reaching out to organizations such as the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery.
  4. Locate or create a calm place in your home or neighborhood to clear your head.
  5. Find an inexpensive way to unwind or call a professional to talk to (e.g., 1-minute mindfulness exercises, National Parent Helpline, etc.).  If you don’t know who to call, consider talking to a trusted family member, friend, co-worker, etc.  Ask them for possible resources they may be aware of.
  6. Continue to learn positive ways to engage with children, activities, games to play, etc., with children that are appropriate during all stages of their development.
  7. Remember to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL with disciplining a child when angry, emotionally charged, etc.
  8. Don’t give up:  Trying to get on-going help and support in some communities may not be easy to find or may not exist because of lack of funding, transportation, etc., but keep searching.  Someone’s out there for you and your child/children.
  9. Consider reading or sharing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) framework, Essentials for Childhood Framework, to help individuals and communities promote healthy relationships and environments that help prevent child abuse and neglect.
  10. If you’d like to explore more options, email me at

If you have resources or solutions to share, please add them in the comments, thanks!

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